Price search engines are a profitable traffic and revenue generator for your online shop. Price and product search engine users are at the end of their customer journey and have an above-average likelihood of purchasing an item. This makes it even more important to be present in the relevant price search engines and sustainably convert these into profitable revenue sources.

Successfully implement product feed marketing

The large selection of price and product search engines often turns finding suitable marketing partners into a challenge. Aside from a product range affinity, criteria such as target group, product presentation options, costs, and competitive situation present important criteria for this decision. With the Feed Engine, we offer access to 2,000+ price and product portals and will open up new sales opportunities for you. Our consulting team is happy to support you in selecting the right partners and share experiences with you.

Product data are the heart of every product search engine. By generating a data feed from your online shop, marketing can quickly be expanded to a large number of platforms. However, with the increasing number of platforms on which you advertise your product range, the demands on data feed management grow more complex, because every platform has its own requirements for a data feed. Using a Feed Engine to generate, optimize, and control the measures helps to place the focus on profit-increasing optimization measures instead of wasting too many resources on the initial setup and generation of data feeds.

Those who succeed in making relevant and consistent information available in every step of the customer journey, create positive shopping experiences that let them stand out from their competitors. The distributors thereby increases their shop traffic, conversions, and profitability of their data feed campaigns. The content optimization of a data feed ranges from updating data and standardizing individual attribute values to enriching product data. Our Feed Engine offers diverse functions to carry out content modifications in your data feed.

Efficient management of your PSM marketing measures requires a multi-dimensional approach. You need to ask yourself, “Which product, in which category, in which time period, on which weekdays, via which portal generated how much revenue? And did another product potentially give the impetus for this visit to the shop?” Particularly the dimensions of time, product range, and channel are relevant for evaluating and later management of data feed campaigns. The Feed Engine offers granular reporting and detailed control options for your campaign management.

Our solutions & products

Raise your revenue potential with Feed Dynamix.

Advantages with Feed Dynamix

  • Outstanding service quality

  • Quick campaign start thanks to flexible data integration

  • No additional IT expenditures for creating partner-specific data feeds

  • Automatic access to new export channels

  • Optimization of the media spend thanks to granular business rules

  • Productive workflow thanks to user-friendly interface

  • Calculable conditions

What our customers say

We have trusted in the Feed Engine by Feed Dynamix since 2011. The technology’s flexibility and stability as well as the service quality are important success factors in our everyday work at home24.

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