Retain sovereignty of your product data and provide every recipient with exactly the information they really need. The Manufacturer Engine allows companies to efficiently distribute product data to your recipients. With our many years of expertise in the area of data feed management and digital marketing, we enable manufacturers to market digitally.

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Quickly and efficiently distribute product data!

The Manufacturer Engine allows you to form your product data into a uniform data basis from different sources, for example merchandise management or PIM. Our SaaS solutions works independently of any system and offers import possibilities for a number of file formats such as CSV, XML, or BMEcat. The integration of product data into the Manufacturer Engine takes place automatically. You also have the option of adding further data fields.

Bulk processing allows you to adapt and optimize several thousand product data sets for every data recipient in a time-saving way through predefined functions and templates. At the same time, the Manufacturer Engine offers different tools for standardizing product data according to the respective specifications.

Define which information you want to provide to which recipient with the help of the granular business rules. All information contained in the data feed can be used for defining filters as well as blacklists & whitelists. In addition, data from your business intelligence, such as number of returns or margins, can be integrated into Manufacturer Engine and taken into consideration.

With just a few clicks you can create data feeds for any number of data recipients. The Manufacturer Engine automatically converts your product data into the required formats and makes these available. With comprehensive validation, we ensure that the right recipient receives the right data at the right time and in the right quality. The update occurs automatically according to a freely definable update cycle.

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Manufacturer Engine: The most important functions

Perfect product data. Anywhere. Anytime.

5 good reasons for the Manufacturer Engine

  • Outstanding service quality

  • Quick setup thanks to individual & flexible data integration

  • No internal IT expenditures for creating data feeds

  • Productive workflow thanks to user-friendly interface

  • Calculable conditions

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