Knowing what your competitor is offering is a key to success in online retail. Continuous price monitoring allows you to benchmark prices and competition across all product portals and evaluate these in detail. You will gain a useful tool for defining your own price and product range sales strategy and can optimize your marketing mix.

Market and competition monitoring in price search engines

As users of price monitoring, you can analyze the competitive intensity for individual products and product ranges and immediately use this information for product range decisions. At the same time, you can examine the up-to-date ranking of your product offers in price search engines and in Google Shopping.

You will also receive information on price structures and your own price position compared to the competition, enabling you to draw conclusions on margin and sales potential based on these and optimizing the management of your product ranges accordingly through price search engines. While previously complex manual research was necessary to determine an item’s ranking in a price search engine and Google Shopping, you can now receive a quick, clear, and up-to-date evaluation in just a few clicks.

Price monitoring: The most important functions