As a tourism and travel provider, you know how important it is to attract the attention of potential customers via various channels and to present your travel offers effectively. Your key to success lies in the presentation of your travel data: With precise, appealing information, you will arouse the interest of travelers, create unforgettable experiences and increase your bookings.

Our expertise

As an innovative SaaS provider, Feed Dynamix offers you a forward-looking approach to data feed management in the travel industry. With an import connection to GIATA, for example, we enable the seamless integration of hotel data into your systems. This gives you the ability to present comprehensive and accurate accommodation information that builds traveler confidence and drives bookings.

In addition to delivering data feeds to social media platforms and retargeting providers, Feed Dynamix also enables the travel industry to connect to Google SA360 to automate Google Ads. This powerful feature simplifies your marketing by allowing you to customize campaigns for different audiences and gives you control over the success of your ads.

Our focus is on providing you with practical tools to showcase your travel offerings and optimize your marketing strategies. With Feed Dynamix, you can stand out in the travel industry by relying on cutting-edge feed solutions that give you a competitive edge.

Solutions for travel industry

Achieve more with perfectly managed travel data!

Your advantages with PIA Feed Dynamix

  • 10 years of experience in data feed management

  • Above-average service quality

  • No internal IT effort for the integration & use of our SaaS solution

  • Calculable conditions

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