As a platform, you face the challenge of managing product data for many different business partners every day. This means that you tread the fine line between “speed” and “data quality”. From our years of experience in e-commerce and data feed management, we know that this cannot be an either-or matter: Well structured, standardized, and high-quality product data, as well as a quick onboarding process for new external product ranges, secure your platform’s success.

Our expertise

Do not let a rigid IT solution thwart the future success of your platform. We will accompany you from the analysis of your product data flows and modelling of target data structures to defining the optimal workflow for your platform business. With the Data Connector and the Feed Engine, we offer simultaneously flexible and scalable SaaS solutions for managing your own product data as well as the data feeds of your business partners.

Solutions for platforms

Perfect product data. Anywhere. Anytime.

Your advantages with Feed Dynamix

  • 100% focus on handling product data in e-commerce

  • Outstanding service quality

  • Professional standards minimize investments & time-to-market

  • Quick setup thanks to individual & flexible data integration

  • Highest scalability allows for rapid growth

  • Software-as-a-service spares your resources and budget

What our customers say

“We are very satisfied with the solution by Feed Dynamix. Our employees particularly like the high degree of automation in mapping and the resulting time saved in data integration.”

Ute Ladendorfer, shö