Increase your success! With the Feed Engine, you can generate perfect data feeds for any sales and marketing channel and start your campaigns on relevant channels such as price and product search engines, Google Shopping, retargeting providers, or social media. You will not need to resort to your IT & development resources and will improve your marketing performance with better product information.

Lösungen von Feed Dynamix

Perfect data feeds for any channel!

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Feed Engine: The most important functions


Professional data feed management for your online shop.

7 good reasons for the Feed Engine

  • Outstanding service quality

  • Quick setup thanks to individual & flexible data integration

  • No internal IT expenditures for creating partner-specific data feeds

  • Automatic access to new export channels

  • Optimization of the media spend thanks to granular business rules

  • Productive workflow thanks to user-friendly interface

  • Calculable conditions

What our customers say

“We are extremely satisfied with the way our product data management presents itself today. Our feed runtimes have partly been reduced from more than 60 minutes to two to three minutes. Data quality was also clearly improved through the flexible management and optimization possibilities, which ultimately led to a direct improvement in performance.”

Thomas Grieb, S.Oliver