With complete and consistent product information, you can improve the customer experience and convince new customers. Furthermore, optimally managed data feeds increase the profitability of your marketing measures. It is crucial to be present at the right moment, with relevant products, on the appropriate platform, with optimal costs. As part of a feed audit, we carefully examine the product data quality and your measures, discover potential, and help you realize optimization measures step by step.

As part of the feed audit, we will…

  • first determine the status quo.

  • building on this, conduct a needs analysis and identify the development potential.

  • define the strategic objective and devise concrete measures for the content optimization of the data feed and its management to achieve this.

  • bindingly record the result in a result presentation.

We will give you structured recommendations on optimizing the master feed, your export data feed, and show you marketing possibilities depending on the country and language. After the feed audit, we will continually support you in implementing the measures.

5 good reasons for a feed audit with Feed Dynamix

  • 10 years of experience in feed optimization

  • Discover new marketing potential

  • Fewer product rejections on Google Shopping & Co

  • Increase in profitability of your campaigns through smart management

  • Building the know-how within your team

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