Data quality means information quality: Those who succeed in making relevant and consistent product information available at every step of the customer journey will create positive shopping experiences for their customers that clearly distinguish them from competitors. But enforcing data governance guidelines in the company is not always easy, especially when data are retained in different data silos. Feed Dynamix supports your company in connecting data silos and securing product data quality.

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Factors of product data quality

In order to ensure retrievability and distinguishability, products must be clearly identifiable.

Clear categorization of products creates comprehensibility and improves retrievability.

Product variants are a product group that only distinguishes itself through individual attributes such as color or material. By labelling product variants, it becomes clear that you are dealing with an identical offer but with different characteristics.

Depending on the product, different features are relevant for the decision to purchase. The more granular the attributes at hand, the better.

Uniform formats and measurement units make it easier for customers to compare products. They give them the assurance of making the right purchase decision.

Pure item master data are usually not enough to be able to describe a product offer in a way that convinces customers. Additional information can offer essential selling points to stand out from the competition.

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