Price Monitoring: Your position in price comparison engines and Google Shopping

With the price monitoring tool of the Feed Engine you can benchmark price and competition across all sales channels or run detailed analysis on those. By using this functionality you can monitor the intensity of competition for single products and assortments and directly use that information for your price and assortment strategy. Additionally you can check the ranking of single products and assortments on price comparison engines and Google Shopping on a daily base.

By using the price monitoring function you furthermore receive relevant information on price structure and position compared to you competitors from which you draw inferences about the margin and sales potential. Manual researches to identify the ranking of a certain product aren’t necessary any more. With the price monitoring tool of the Feed Engine you solely need a few clicks in order to get a quick, clear and actual overview on your performance data.

Das Expertenteam von SoQuero zeigt Ihnen gerne im Rahmen eines Demo-Termins, welche unterschiedlichen Möglichkeiten das Preismonitoring der SQ Feed Engine bietet.

On a product-base you can analyze the following details:

  • Ranking of single products and assortments compared to competitors
  • Development of prices over time
  • Number of competitors and their prices
  • Price gap to the cheapest competitor and his direct follower
  • Price of the most cost-effective and most consistent player
Preismonitoring - Campaign overview - Feed Dynamix

Your advantages:

Comfortable product import

You can directly select the products which you like to monitor from the import feed of the Feed Engine or by EAN/GTIN. Single products, assortments or product categories can be monitored according to your specification.

Quick overview

For each set of products you receive a summarized overview on your ranking compared to your competitors. Hereby the average number of competitors per product, ranking of products as well as the price gap to the cheapest competitors.

Competition Monitoring

Are you a monopolist or are you acting in a strong competitive environment? With the price monitoring tool you can easily control the average number of competitors or single products.


How does your product rank at the moment? The price monitoring allows screening the daily development of the ranking. This makes a quick response to a negative development possible and increases your success.

Analysis & Monitoring

Monitor your campaign performance and benchmark price and competition.


Manage your data feed marketing campaigns in more than 1,200 sales channels


We provide you with full support by one of our data feed marketing specialists.