Google Shopping

Google Shopping offers online retailers a variety of high-performance marketing opportunities. At the same time advertising options, like local inventory ads (LIA) or merchant promotions, increase complexity and effort in handling product data feeds.

With the Feed Engine you can effortlessly create data feeds according to Google’s requirements. Special functionalities make it easy to format, map, filter and merge product data feeds and allow you to efficiently manage your Google Shopping campaigns.

Optimize Google Shopping Campaigns with the Feed Engine

Google Shopping - Source files - Feed Dynamix

Optimized Data Processing

With the Feed Engine you can import, consolidate and process data feeds from various data sources. By merging data feeds you can easily add products and product attributes.

Standard data feed formats:

  • Product data feed
  • Sub-feed with additional attributes or products

Google Shopping feed and data formats:

  • Online product feed
  • Local products feed
  • Local product inventory
  • Merchant promotions

Optimizing Google Data Feeds

With filters and functions you can comfortably define complex business rules and manage your feed-based campaigns easily. Additionally you can enrich your Google data feeds, so that you maximize the impact of your campaign from the very beginning.

Google Shopping - Business rules - Feed Dynamix
Google Shopping - Normalizing of product data feed - Feed Dynamix

Content Mapper

Basic requirement for getting started with Google Shopping is the correct categorization of your shop assortment according to Google’s taxonomy. Furthermore it is significant to the visibility of your Google Shopping ads.

With the Content Mapper you can translate shop categories into the structure given by the Google product taxonomy. Other attributes included in your master data feed and sub-feeds can be normalized with the content mapper.

Label Generator

Labels make managing and optimizing Google Shopping campaigns easier. The Label Generator allows you to tag your product data based on all product attributes as well as on performance measures.

If you link your merchant center account with your AdWords account you can use defined labels as Google AdWords labels. Keyword groupings and performance analysis can be created more comfortable.

Google Shopping - Labeling of product data - Feed Dynamix

Additional functionalities for better campaign management

Feed Dynamix offers a comprehensive solution for data driven marketing. Additional features of the Feed Engine allow you to efficiently store your Google Shopping campaign:

Analysis & Monitoring

Monitor your campaign performance and benchmark price and competition.


Manage your data feed marketing campaigns across all sales channels with the Feed Engine.


We provide you with full support by one of our data feed marketing specialists.