Optimize data feeds to increase sales

Maximize sales and profits by an optimum fine-tuning of products and prices in all sales channels via our smart software solution. The Feed Engine offers you the option for a granular fine-tuning and optimization of product data feeds according to the individual requirements of your online shop. To this end, business rules based on all data included in a feed can be freely combined with performance parameters from your current campaign. This function can be further expanded as the Feed Engine allows you to flexibly include data from your business intelligence in optimizing your data feeds.

Professional optimization of product data feeds with the Feed Engine - Feed Dynamix

Data Feed optimization with Feed Dynamix – Your benefits:

Content Mapper

Normalize product information for example categories, colors or sizes according to the individual requirements of each sales partner – quickly and conveniently.


Over a select list you can choose pre-defined functions for the mapping, which allow the content manipulation of the product data feeds.

Data refinement

Cluster products according to specific characteristics and enrich your product data with portal-specific content.


Achieve higher sales with the integration of automatized coupon-texts, coupon-codes and discounted prices including adapted tracking links.

Data feed optimization - Content Mapper - Feed Dynamix
Data feed optimization - Filter & biddings - Feed Dynamix

Black & white lists

Define black & white lists for products or categories that are to be removed from or added to your listing.

Business rules & filters

Configure individual filters and rules for managing your product feeds according to arbitrarily selected data feed attributes.


Define individual biddings for sales channels with CPC-bidding assistance by using pre-defined rules.

Budget management

You will receive an overview of the contractually defined terms such as CPC or minimum sales volume for each portal. This feature allows you to always have full control of your costs.

Analysis & Monitoring

Monitor your campaign performance and benchmark price and competition.


Manage your data feed marketing campaigns in more than 1,200 sales channels.


We provide you with full support by one of our data feed marketing specialists.