Analyze measures & improve your performance

Do you want to measure and analyze your campaign performance? Feed Dynamix’ smart software solution allows you at any time to perform a detailed analysis of the effectiveness of your activities across all sales channels. For the continuous monitoring of your campaigns, the Feed Engine offers you, besides a clearly structured management cockpit, the option to display performance parameters for all relevant dimensions and perform individual evaluations in the context of a detailed reporting. For this purpose, clusters can be formed according to time dimensions such as days, months, etc. and then be further specified at each level.

You also have the option to have customized reporting dimensions developed and to automatically transfer your performance data via an API to your own business intelligence.

Das Expertenteam von SoQuero zeigt Ihnen gerne im Rahmen eines Demo-Termins, welche unterschiedlichen Reporting-Möglichkeiten die SQ Feed Engine bietet.

Your benefits with Feed Dynamix:

Quick overview via the Feed Engine dashboard

The dashboard provides you with a quick overview of your campaign performance. Trends can be identified based on freely selectable KPIs such as clicks, sales, CPOs, cost/sales ratios and the development of costs can be continuously monitored on a portal and product category level.

Detailed analysis through meaningful reports

Detailed reports allow you to display performance values in all relevant dimensions and conduct customized evaluations. In this context, clusters can be formed according to time dimensions such as days, months, etc. which can then be further specified at each level.

BI connection for a holistic data analysis

The connection to your business intelligence allows you to include individual parameters such as cancellations, returns or the weighting of sales channels in you analysis. In this way, the Feed Engine allows you to evaluate the actual economic value of a transaction.

Data feed analysis - Campaign overview - Feed Dynamix
Data feed analysis - Granular reporting - Feed Dynamix

Optimized workflow through an integration of your tracking tool

Time-consuming analyses of deviating reporting data are a thing of the past: At your request, we can integrate your tracking system as the reporting basis for the Feed Engine. This supports an optimized workflow for the reporting & controlling of your online marketing measures.

Data export in all relevant formats

All reports and data can be downloaded in any customary file format for further offline processing or presentation. This allows comfortable further processing, for example in spreadsheet calculation programs or for database marketing.

Tailor-made reports with customized key figures

For finding the answer to a very specific question, our Feed Engine offers you all options for performing individual analyses, thereby including customized key figures in your reporting.

Price Monitoring

Benchmark your price and competition across all your sales channels.


Manage your data feed marketing campaigns in more than 1,200 sales channels.


We provide you with full support by one of our data feed marketing specialists.