Generate product data feeds with Feed Dynamix

Feed Dynamix’ smart software solution allows you to quickly and easily list your products in more than 1,800 sales channels in more than 45 countries. At the same time our software solution helps you to reduce the complexity in handling your product data: The Feed Engine uses import modules to handle data from different sources and merge them into a customized master feed.

In this way, the Feed Engine is individually adjusted to the data flows in your company, offering you all attributes required for a channel-specific mapping of your data. The partner-specific processing and provision of the data takes no more than a few minutes.

Functioning of Feed Dynamix´ Feed Engine

Data feed marketing with the Feed Dynamix software solution – Your benefits:

Import modules for generating the master feed

Data import is the foundation of an efficient data feed marketing. The Feed Engine provides import modules for the easy and comfortable processing of product data from different sources and merging them to a consistent master feed. The preview function allows the verification of your data at any time.

Fully flexible data mapping via attributes

The Feed Engine offers you all necessary attributes for the automatic mapping of your product data. All you have to do is to assign the data fields from your product catalogue to the attributes. Furthermore, you have the option to create additional data fields and assign them to the attributes of the Feed Engine.

Data feeds for 1,800 different sales channels

With just a few clicks, you can decide via which of the more than 1,800 domestic and international sales channels your products should be available. With a simple click, the Feed Engine will convert your product data into the required formats and make them available.

Data feed generation - channel specific handling of data feed - Feed Dynamix

Analysis & Monitoring

Monitor your campaign performance and benchmark price and competition.


Manage your data feed marketing campaigns across all sales channels with the Feed Engine.


We provide you with full support by one of our data feed marketing specialists.